Presenting Tips # 4

December 2, 2019
December 2, 2019 chrismit

Presenting Tips # 4

Presenting Tips 4

One of the golden rules for broadcasting is that you need to be authentic.

Had a bad day? The person listening might be in the same position.

Made a mistake? Everyone does, we’re only human.

Got the name of a song or an artist wrong? I do it all the time!

Don’t be afraid to show your personality and have a laugh on-air (within reason).

One of the best tips I got on being authentic from someone who’s had over 15 years of experience is when you’re presenting you show, you could speak as if you’re talking to one of your mates down the pub (minus the swearing, of course).

By showing your personality and the fact that you’re only human, it gives the listener a stronger connection to you, it makes the listener be able to relate to you & makes them feel like they’ve known you for a long time.

Sometimes, what I like to do is produce social media content to work hand-in-hand with the radio show because these days, Radio is no longer a one-dimensional medium.

Examples of this can be;

  • Shoot a video before the show (in the studio, at home) giving a sneak peek into what you’ll be talking about and what artists you’ll be playing.
  • Do you have any prominent features as part of the show? Film it.
  • Do you host a specialist show? Curate your own Spotify/Apple Music playlist for people to get an insight into your music taste.
  • Enable listeners to listen to your show whenever they like! Get the recording of your show, edit out the music (for licensing purposes) and create a podcast! Personally, I love to listen to Australian radio station KIIS 101.1’s Breakfast show – Jase & PJ’s Podcast. Give it a listen if you can!

In 2019 & heading into 2020, the world is really your oyster.

Be authentic, be yourself and connect with your listeners because it will help you out in the long term.

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