Presenting Tips # 1

November 30, 2019
November 30, 2019 chrismit

Presenting Tips # 1


When you’re driving to work & listening to the radio, you might sit and think “that person sounds far too happy for 8am”.

More often than not, this IS the case because let’s be honest…. Being on the radio is the best job in the world, BUT, sometimes that’s not the case.

A presenter might be tired, they might have had a disagreement with their co-presenter/producer/management OR they might even have things going on in their personal life that even the toughest of us would struggle to function normally after.

The reason you would more than likely hear a presenter sound happy is because…. THEY SMILE!

Through presenting and coaching students over the past 3 years, it’s one of those tricks I’ve used to prove a valuable point. In a moment where the student has doubted their abilities I’ve always encouraged them to try it. When they do, the penny drops – They can hear a big difference in how they sound and they gain a small boost of confidence from it.

You may not think something so simple can work, but there’s a huge difference between speaking with a frown and speaking with a smile. Aside from your posture (which helps your breathing), a smile opens the face up and allows a more positive sound to come from your face.

Have you ever been walking down the road and someone has smiled at you? What do you do? You smile back!

Next time you’re presenting a radio show, a podcast or even having a conversation with someone – SMILE while you’re speaking.

You might just make their day.

Never underestimate the power of a smile.