Presenting Tip # 8

January 13, 2020
January 13, 2020 chrismit

Presenting Tip # 8

In Presenter Tip 6, we covered Word Economy & read the story about Irene winning at the bingo.

As a music-based radio presenter, your main job is keep people listening.

The beauty of finding a story that has more details than you need is that sometimes, you can use this to your advantage by utilising something called a Crunch & Roll or Hook & Tease.

A Crunch & Roll is the technique of speaking between non-stop songs and having the ability to finish what you’re saying before the vocalist in the next track starts singing – Harder than you think!

Many presenters use this type of link to grab/hook the listeners attention and tease what they have coming up later in the show.

By using Irene again, an example of this could be;

*ending of song*

Coming up, we’re going to be talking about a woman called Irene who had one of the most memorable birthdays ever & I’ll play you some *artist A* & *artist B*, straight after *song name* from *artist* on *station*

*Next artist starts singing*

By doing this, you can set yourself up to move on and present the link we created in Presenter Tips 6.

This is a tricky technique to do & there have been many times I’ve tried it only to find I’ve “crashed the vocal” or finished my sentence after they’ve started singing. When that happens, it sounds awful but when it works – it sounds like you’re a wizard!

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